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Photocopiers and Printer Graphics

Are you looking for a new photocopier and printer with good graphic designs? With numerous brands, models, and types available, it’s going to be quite daunting to choose one which will meet your business or personal requirements. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the things that you should know when buying both a photocopier and a printer with good graphic designs. 

Things that you should know about photocopiers: 

Copy Speed

A usual photocopier is created to be shared between three to ten persons which will typically have a print or copy speed of 25-45 pages per minute (ppm), putting it in the mid-volume category.

Copy Volume

This number relates to the number of pages the photocopier has been designed to process per month. They’re usually grouped into volume categories instead of handling a particular number. The classification consists of SOHO (small office, home office) for infrequent use, low-volume, mid-volume, high-volume, and corporate photocopiers. When you want to buy a photocopier, try to measure how much the device will be used, and make sure to choose accordingly.

Network Capability

The ability to collaborate with a customer’s computer network. Once connected to the network, the photocopier becomes robust and features a rich network printer, scanner, fax server, and far more. When looking at network functionality you ought to consider which operating systems you employ also as how you would like the device to sit within the network. 

Scanning Features

A network-connected photocopier is usually the perfect platform to be used as a feature-rich network scanner. When looking at one, you must consider how you would possibly want to use the scanning features of the machines and what efficiencies may be found within your business or personal experiences. 


When you come to know about the good features, speed, and benefits of photocopiers, you may want to begin finding a manufacturer and its reputation as an organization. You must purchase equipment from an established manufacturer, with a good market share who will be ready to provide longevity of support to you and your chosen reseller. 

Purchasing Options

At a time when the cost is controlled and closely managed, the modern purchaser is searching for more flexible ways to source the funding for these devices. Copier leasing additionally offers a superb upgrade path to make sure the equipment purchased is maintained so far and at the forefront of current technology.

Photocopiers and Printer Graphics

After Sales Support Options

When choosing a supplier, it might be a good tip to know what after-sales support options they have available, at what cost, and whether they service the equipment themselves, or through a third party.


When considering the addition of a network-capable photocopier, it’s vital to confirm the hardware will be compatible with your existing systems. 


Always keep in mind that when weighing up the value of a possible solution, it’s not just the worth of the hardware you’ll be paying for but also the advanced features and workflow capacities essential within the machines in question.

Things that you need to know about printer graphics: 

The difference between RGB and CMYK

The system that your computer software uses for generating colour on the screen isn’t a similar system that printers use. Computer graphics use the RGB colour system, which is formed from red, green, and blue. But printers work with the cyan, magenta, yellow, and black colour set – commonly named CMYK.

The importance of resolution

For print output, the most important measurement you would like to worry about is DPI or dots per inch. As the name suggests, it identifies the quantity of dots a printer would make on one square inch of the printed page.

Your design scales

To make sure the text on a card is legible, for instance, it’s best to avoid light and thin fonts. Also, don’t set the dimensions so small that people won’t be able to read it when it’s printed.

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