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9 Copier Functions That Cut Office Tasks By Half, At Least

9 Copier Functions That Cut Office Tasks By Half, At Least

These days, with technology, everything can be done in as fast as just one tap on a screen. That is why work in offices these days are made a lot easier. Still, some businesses are not integrating common office machines to fully embrace the work convenience that technology offers. Copiers are the best example. The machine used to be huge old machines that just look really way out of the modern digital age. Times, however, has changed and these machines have become nothing but compact high-tech office assistants than the rest of the devices in offices these days.

Copiers have evolved over the years into more than just a print station. Despite its being a single machine, it has become a workstation in itself because it can now perform more than just a single function. In fact, it can perform:

  1. Printing
  2. Scanning
  3. Copying
  4. Faxing
  5. File storing
  6. Wireless connectivity
  7. Authorized access control
  8. Monitored and identified access
  9. Automation for repetitive tasks (stapling and hole-punching)

The first few functions are already common amongst office devices, which follows that when business buyout a new copier, the more modern automated functions are ignored. One of the biggest advantages with getting your own copier from copier lease Tulsa dealers is the fact that they can orient you with all the possible functions that your chosen machine model can perform. Copiers can now reduce a typical day’s set of tasks in an office to more than half. Given those specifications of what this machine can do, every business should really start considering consulting a copier lease dealer.

Copiers can now accomplish multiple tasks.

Every copier leasing services agency in Tulsa will brag about the same thing- —copiers are multifunctional. However, it is not the term that perfectly represents what they are advertising. Multitasking is the word. Yes, digital copiers can perform all its functions at once, if needed. One could be printing documents, while other personnel is sending in files into the machine for storage. The machine can even staple printed documents on top of all of that.

Clearly, there are a lot of possible combinations for this multitasking feature, practically, unlimited. Little tasks such as the ones that copiers cover share a big part of everyone’s time in the office because they are all accumulated assets of tasks per day which obviously is a lot the multi-tasking feature makes it easy for people in the office to work on their heavier business priorities.

Copier use is possible even where you are far away.

Copiers used to be placed in spacious rooms in offices back in the day because they could not be accessed remotely through a device. People would have to be there, waiting for their outputs and manually operate the machine. With the present-day copiers, no matter where the machine is placed in the office, one can just perform the needed tasks from their desks.

Anyone’s devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones could be used as remote access to press the functions on the machine. It could be through Wi-Fi, the cloud, and many other possible connections. Can you imagine how big of a help this is in office work?

With this innovative feature, people in the office will save so much time and energy from all the walks to and fro their desks just to use the copier. Having this connectivity option makes work in the office so much easier.

Employees, who maybe even wearing heels in the office, can be spared the painful trips to the copy room. It can just be reduced to one trip, which will only happen if they need to get a hardcopy output of their documents from the copier. For the rest of the tasks, there will be no need to move a little. Just a few phone clicks and tasks are completed.