Tips To Prevent Common Copier Problems

Anyone who has worked in an office knows how frustrating it is when you have problems with your printer or copier. Anyone who has encountered a broken copy machine when they need it the most knows that it can be costly and it can also affect your work performance. Here are common copier problems that you may encounter and ways on how to solve them.

Lines on paper

Nothing is worse than when you need to make copies of a document or email, but it prints out with lines and other deformities. This can be caused by foreign substances on the glass or the mirrors within or can be due to a drum blade malfunction. 

Paper jams

A paper jam is the most common copier error. The reason for occurrence may depend on the wrong paper size to plain old improper paper loading. These types of issues can cause copiers to pull paper through incorrectly, and it results in a paper jam. The resulting delay can cause users to show up late to their meetings or sometimes miss their deadlines. Fixing these types of issues requires someone to manually remove the jammed paper and reload the proper paper size or to correct the paper alignment. There is also the issue of paper dust. While it may sound like something out of a tale, paper dust is real and it also tends to clog copiers and cause paper jams. The best way to avoid paper dust is to wipe the feed tires clean periodically and vacuum away dust built up inside the copier. 

Wrinkled pages

There is nothing professional about copy pages that come out of the machine crinkled. It may sound like a minor problem, but what would it look like if an employee showed up for a meeting and gave out wrinkly agendas, or submitted reports that look like they were dug out from the bottom of a student’s backpack? Wrinkled pages are usually the result of worn-out feed and exit rollers that cause sticking or jamming. But, worn-out paper trays, moisture caused by humidity and fuser assemblies can also lead to wrinkled pages. If paper stock is noticeably damaged for any reason, do not use it. For issues with paper trays, you can buy replacements. Bit fixing the fuser assembly and feed rollers need the assistance of a technician. 

Copies aren’t dark enough

Most of the time, problems with darkness and lightness on copy pages are the result of an imbalance in the density controls on the copier. Someone may have inadvertently altered the settings of the copier previously, making subsequent images copied too dark or too light. In this case, resetting the density levels is the best solution. It is also possible that the drum could be reaching the end of its work-life, or that the toner in the machine has gone bad. Some aftermarket toners are not up to manufacturer codes and can result in light density issues. Replacements should be bought and installed. 

Spots on page

This copier issue consists of random arrays of dots marrying an otherwise perfect copy. If you notice the dots in the same place every time, it is likely an issue of debris or smudges on the copy mirror or glass. Once again, this can be remedied by properly cleaning off the mirrors and glass. A more random array of spots repeated throughout the document could be a defect in the drum. Replacing drums should fix the issue. 

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