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How Do You Install a Multifunction Printer?

Multifunction printers are an essential tool in offices and businesses these days. Apart from that, their installation became significantly streamlined for more than years already. While some printers can be installed automatically, adding multifunctional printers into a network or sharing printers with other users can be tricky. 

This is why you need to learn how to install a multifunctional printer to ensure smooth and efficient workflow in your office. Installation of multifunction printers varies depending on several factors. Hence it is always necessary to equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills to do it.

Installing USB Printer

Many multifunction printers in the market can be difficult to operate. Hence, you need to follow the instructions written in its installation guide to ensure that you install it properly and safely without damaging the printer itself. Then, plug the printer into the computer. After that, you may turn on the printer.  

Turning it on will give you the sound of the feed mechanism, and the light of the printer will be seen. After that, you may wait for the operating system to be detected and installed on your computer. Then, install software that also came with your multifunction printer. Following these steps, rest assured that you can already make use of your printer.

Computers Without Disc Drive, CD or DVD

For those computers who don’t have a disc or you’ve unexpectedly lost their CD, you may opt to download software drivers immediately from their manufacturers. Once it is downloaded, you are assured that you can already run its file to effectively install it into the driver.

However, there are instances that newer operating systems may not be supported with an older model of printers. For instance, if you have Windows 10, you may be amazed knowing that it may not completely support printers made so many years ago. But, there is nothing to worry about since you may try installing other newer versions of operating systems suitable for your multifunction printer.

How Do You Install a Multifunction Printer?

Installing Multifunction Printer Using Drivers

For those who want to have their multifunction printer installed without using extra programs or drivers, well, it is interesting to know that there are some steps you need to follow to make it work. First, ensure that the printer is powered on and connected before opening the control panel. Then, double-click the icons showing Printers or the Printers/Fax. In the windows of the printer, click the icon showing add printer.

After completing the mentioned steps above, you may see Windows Printer Wizard. What you need to do next is to click next. Then, you are given the option to select between network or local printers. If your multifunction printer is directly connected to the computer, you may select the local printer icon and click Next.


As far as installing the multifunction printer is concerned, there are huge numbers of ways to do it smoothly and efficiently. It will just depend on the kind of multifunction printer and computer you have in your home, office, or business. It is also best to consider the manual of the printer to assure that you are on the right path when you start installing it. 

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