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A3 Printers: Why It’s The Best Option?

Technology has a different way of showcasing advancement. Recently, the market shows that the smaller the gadget, the trendier and the better it is for the users. However, in the business world, bigger printers are more likely to be better in terms of performance.

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Why buy A3 printers?

However, why switch to larger printer models when you have an A3 functional printer in the office? Whether you are using laser or inkjet printer, upgrading to A3 printer will have more benefits than keeping your existing machine.

When it comes to printing, A3 is considered to be the international size for papers, referred to in the United States as 11” x 17” paper. In the history of printers and copiers, models were designed to be able to support 11” x 17” paper printing. Other machines that common industries use may have modern touch to them, yet are still capable of supporting A3 papers. Where to buy A3 printers?

The A3 machines are popular not because of their capacity to print 11” x 17” papers, but because they have been designed to match the needs of the greater public. The professional resellers, on top of that, are responsible enough with keeping the device in its best working condition and that each of the machine’s feature is connected to the office IT infrastructure.

Purchasing from these resellers is far different from the experience many of us have had with buying from online shops like Amazon. Unlike clicking away through online merchants, resellers interact with each client to know and understand the specific needs. Once purchase has been made, they will keep the buyer-seller relationship all through out by providing professional services.

If you are able to close a great deal for the right A3 multifunction printer to match your business needs, remember that it should come with a service plan covering hardware parts replacement, supplies, and expert service team.  If you are still not convinced that A3 printers are the best, check these out:

Spend less but get more productivity.

The idea of purchasing the right printing device is boosting productivity on the floor without spending too much. If you want to cut down on your expenses through producing your own marketing materials, invest in A3 printers. Instead of outsourcing the printing of marketing materials, why not do it in the office? After all, time is of great essence. Finding another company to do the printing and waiting for the materials to be ready will take a lot of time. Printing your own materials, on the other hand, will make you save on time and budget plus quality can be assured.

Latest A3 models like Lexmark c925de provides an option for the user to review the document right before pressing the “print” button. It has a 5-inch screen where there is a preview option in case a few more adjustments are necessary prior to printing.

There are many size options.

Unlike its counterpart, A3 printers offer user freedom in terms of the paper size. Instead of printing a 12-month plan on two pages of A4 paper, you can simply print the entire thing on one page. With the layout, your documents will look neat and professional.

For businesses that require marketing posters and other materials printed on large medium, A3 printers can satisfy such needs. One of the top A3 printers, OKI C9655n, has “auto-media” feature which offers users a wide choice of printing materials for different occasions but without manually changing anything on its settings option.