Printing machine has already played a huge role in the development of humanity. This kind of machine can print thousands of documents, photos, pages and newspapers and they are a very important use especially for students and workers who work at offices nowadays, printing files can also be your source of income. In today’s advanced and technological world, multi-function printers are already a huge help nevertheless standalone copiers still exist today.

There are two types of printing machine: The Copier and the Multi-functional printer. A standalone copier can print a document and can be functioned to scan, print, copy and fax. They are also well-suited for heavy use and document functions. They are designed for heavy duty work with features such as binding and sorting, on the other hand, a multi-functional printer is an all-in-one copy machine which functions multiple devices in one, this is best used in offices but can also set foot in your home or your small business.

Some people wanted to financially purchase a printing machine for their own benefit. Buying your own printing device is worth it because you won’t have any more problems going out to have a printed document ready especially when it is urgent, meanwhile others prefer to choose to rent a copier instead for their source of income.

If your goal is to actually own the rental copier machine or trade the equipment for a newer model then a copier lease program is necessary because it is a binding of a contract that allows you to pay for the machine for as long as you have the said device, this is effective for those who wished for a small printing business because according to some, purchasing a printing machine for business is quite a burden, it costs supplies and maintenance fees as well as it can stretch a budget beyond profitable limits. Copier leasing provides a distinct tax advantage, you can deduct a payment each time it’s made. By doing copier rental, you can either choose to own or trade the machine before your leasing contract expires or before the leasing period ends. There is no pressure for copier repair because the company provides technicians to fix it if you ever encounter problems with your machine. You can upgrade the device by investing in another machine and you would also need to get rid of the previous one.

If you are looking for an effective and clear technology copier why not try this Konica Bizhub 200. This device can present excellent color image quality and a fast speed performance and it is also an easy-to-use machine so if you are still wondering, listed below are the main features that can guide you through Konica Bizhub 200.


1.       Konica Bizhub 200 is an all-in-one friendly photocopy machine that helps small offices become more efficient places to work. It can help your office to be well-organized by allowing you to relocate print, copy, scan and also fax functions to one convenient site.

2.       By installing this copier into your office you can also free up valuable floor space. This machine can also convert hard documents into digital files. This will also allow you to lower your total cost of ownership by getting rid of your black and white printer by replacing them with an efficient one that is capable of working in all purposes and in all devices.

3.       Konica Bizhub 200’s internet access and IP address features are also a huge help for you to reduce communication cost and the exceptional energy efficiency will cut utility costs. Konica Bizhub 200’s quiet operation can also help create a less noisy and friendlier work environment.

4.       Konica Bizhub 200 will also serve you high quality images. Simitri HD Toner is resistant to wear and tear, it is an oil-less fixing toner used in the printing machine and it has a high fade resistance that can match a professional printing ink. This is also a huge help to make your document suitable for long-term storage. It is also easy to write on printed documents because of its water-based pen or a secured stick with adhesive notes in them.

5.       Konica Bizhub 200 also has the ability to scan documents that you can convert to digital data; you can use them in a variety of destinations such as; scan to email, scan to FTP, scan to SMB, and TWAIN scan. With its multi-method send your work will be done in no time. The multi-method usage allows you to send multiple data by fax and e-mail to multiple destinations in one single operation while simultaneously sending the data to SMB or FTP.

6.       This printing machine also offers internet FAX, IP Address FAX and PC Fax (that can be used in Windows only) functions, this is an optional fax feature that utilizes network infrastructure, internet, and intranet so the information can move faster and provide cost reductions. Because this method uses existing network systems there is no additional cost associated with it and if ever a transmission error occur while sending an IP Address Fax or Internet Fax, the Konica Bizhub 200 will automatically switch the destination to a pre-registered G3 fax number to ensure the certainty of your transmission.

7.       Next is the compatibility of thick paper and a large capacity of paper, Konica Bizhub 200 can accommodate thick paper up to 256/g/m2 in all of its trays. Its capacity can hold up to 3,350 sheets of paper this also includes the 100 sheets in its multiple bypass tray and it can also accommodate a wide range of paper sizes including from A3 paper size to A6, as well as envelopes and labels.

8.       Since this printing machine is a multi-purpose use this can also be used by anyone regardless of your gender, age, body size, or disability this machine features a vertically tilting control panel with a tilt mechanism, an easy-grip paper tray and a front access to toner and papers. It also has an easy-to-see blue LED light for the “start” button.


Konica Bizhub 200 copier provides you with high quality B&W prints and copies. It’s a well built-in fast speed printing machine and also a flexible scanner that can quickly distribute data to users. By purchasing this you’ll be more productive and it will also secure you against unauthorized access.


1.       Mixed or Skewed Copies

–          This problem often happens when the stack of paper in the drawer is already loaded, the sheets will curl up which is a nuisance when printing a document.

2.       Lined or Dirty Copies

–          These annoying white lines caused by clogged nozzles that aren’t dispensing ink.

3.       Fax issues

–          This can cause a transmission problem for either sending or receiving taxes.

4.       Error Codes

–          Its hardware might be the reason for your error code messages.

5.       Printing and scanning issues

–          This problem sometimes happens if your network cable is not properly plugged into the wall and the machine is not secured.

How to Fix Voids and White Lines in Konica Bizhub 200

Since a printing machine is an electronic device it can also be at fault when used wrongly especially the annoying voids and white lines visible on the sheet of paper. If you happen to bump into some errors on your Konica Bizhub 200 copy machine, here are some guidelines that can help you in fixing it!


1.       Make sure your machine has the correct fill pattern.

2.       From the control panel, set the paper type and weight in the paper menu to match the paper load right away.

3.       Check if you are using the recommended type of paper, load the indicated tray you’re a recommended type of paper.

4.       Remove the toner and imaging cartridge and shake the imaging cartridge firmly afterwards reinstall the toner and imaging cartridge. Do not expose the imaging unit to a direct light for more than 10 minutes, its exposure to sunlight may cause severe print quality problems.

5.       Try to reprint your document.


1.       Lines in prints are an early warning sign that your ink cartridges are already running out of ink or maybe its damage. You can fix it by removing the toner cartridge then check if there’s any damage. If it is damaged, better replace it immediately.

2.       Check thoroughly if the printer is dirty. This may be the reason that the ink is being blocked from going on to the page of your printing paper. It can be fixed by wiping off the printer rollers. You can do some sort of self-cleaning operation that will help remove obstructions from the printer.

3.       Your printer might be running out of ink already. You can fix the problem by replacing the low cartridge or gently shaking the drained ink cartridge; this may help you a bit to get another few prints out of it.

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